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Fabiana Witt, Managing Partner, Latin America
Fabiana has over two decades of experience as an international business executive. She interconnects a broad numbers of topics to deliver business breakthroughs and has a proven track record in the regional and international financial market. She has extensive experience in leading and implementing company change, managing business under political and macro-economic distress and has established understanding in a well diversified group of industries in Latin America.
With support from the UK team, Fabiana, along with her colleague Lucrecia, is responsible for the development and delivery of the Latin American business, attracting new clients and candidates and pursuing new business opportunities across the region.
Did you know?
Prior to joining Alium, Fabiana spent two years as Interim Executive Committee member at Banco Surinvest, Montevideo, Uruguay, nine years as Executive Director at ABN AMRO Bank Argentina and four years at Citibank Argentina. She holds a Degree in Economics.

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