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What is Achievement Coaching

Benefits of Achievement Coaching

The need for Achievement Coaching is extremely varied, and specific to an individual’s need and that of their respective organisation. Recognising that ‘no one size fits all’, we use a range of proven psychological methods that are specifically tailored to meet this need.

In order to boost personal performance and to realise potential our coaches pay attention to understanding the challenges that the individual is facing in order to develop a programme of coaching support that is focused on key outcomes.

Achievement Coaching is the process of learning and discovery in order to realise individual, team and organisational potential. It is:

  • Focused on performance and measureable benefits and outcomes.
  • Non-formulaic though structured in delivery.
  • Action orientated to provide sustainable performance improvement.

Why consider Executive Achievement Coaching? 

  • Accelerate personal development of individuals to meet organisational challenges.
  • Underpin effective implementation of organisation change, through supporting teams and individuals.Promote improved business leadership to include relationship management, decision-making, and creativity at a time of need.
  • Better cope with the stress and time management, meeting control or sensitive issue handling.
  • Support the induction or appointment and transition of a senior person into a more senior, or different role.

How Achievement Coaching Works

Executive Achievement Coaching is outcome focused and designed to get people where they need to be. The process is a coaching programme of one to one sessions with an experienced, well qualified Achievement Coach, designed to:
  • Gain valuable insights into the behaviours that influence on individual performance. 
  • Uncover the fundamental values and beliefs that motivate people.
  • Remove whatever is blocking an individual’s route to success.

Call us to discuss your coaching requirements

If you have an immediate need or would like further advice about Achievement Coaching please email Marion Howard.

...or call us on 020 7398 7513.

All enquiries will be handled in the strictest confidence.

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