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How to engage an Interim Manager

Resourcing an Interim Manager

Interim management is an enormous asset to all organisations and they are an important addition to your existing team. We work with you to make the engagement of an interim manager a straight-forward process. If you would like to hire an Interim Manager or would like more general information about this resource, please contact us directly and one of our website consultants will be able to help you.

What is the cost of hiring an Interim Manager?

Costs for interim management services will vary depending upon the seniority of the role and the complexity of the assignment. Interim management fees are charged on a daily rate basis and include our fees. The cost of bringing an interim on board to your business ranges from £600 to £1,500+ per day and all daily rate fees exclude usual business expenses and VAT.

What we ask of our clients

We will always request a face to face meeting with you if it is the first time we have worked with you. We ask you to be clear about why you need an Interim Manager, to give us a clear brief to work to and we ask to speak to the person the interim will be reporting into so that we can fully understand your requirement and fulfil your expectations within a short period of time (typically within days).

How Alium fulfil your role

Following an extensive search of our 6,000 interim managers, we send you a carefully selected shortlist of two or three profiles that have been pre-screened for you to interview. We arrange meetings with the interim managers on your behalf and we ask for your feedback follow those meetings. Once you have confirmed that you would like to hire the interim, we manage the contractual arrangements and take references prior to commencement of the assignment.

Ongoing support throughout the assignment

At Alium offering an excellent service to our clients is of paramount importance to us. With your co-operation we monitor progress of the assignment against the brief, reviewing key deliverables, outcomes and successes to date. Communication is key and your commitment to giving us regular feedback is crucial. 

All enquiries will be handled in the strictest confidence.


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