Becoming a Resource

An interim manager's career is challenging and rewarding

Reputable service providers work closely with interim managers to ensure that they are well informed about the interim management market place and understand how they work as an interim management provider.

Making the transition from a permanent to interim career can be difficult. One of the greatest challenges interim managers face is dealing with the loss of the 'corporate duvet'. Much that is taken from granted during a permanent role, whether the corporate career path, financial and job security or the social environment, is no longer guaranteed.

Service providers are keen to promote the interests of interim managers. They run regular seminars and events, and many regularly will contact interim managers with any relevant industry news that they think they may find of interest.

Similarly, providers encourage interim managers to maintain regular contact with them, ensuring that they have all the necessary information - current CVs, for example, or availability updates - so that they are well placed to find the right candidate for the job opportunity.