Working on Assignment with A Reputable Service Provider

Making sure the provider meets your expectations

Before you apply to join a reputable service provider, it is important that you understand how they work as an organisation to ensure that they will meet your expectations. They should offer support and guidance throughout the assignment process, from the moment an interim manager registers with them, through to contract management once an interim manager has been placed on an assignment.

The Key steps you will go through are:

  • Registration - Once your CV has been submitted to a provider, they will confirm that you have been registered with them.
  • Arranging a meeting - Many providers will arrange for you to have a meeting with a consultant upon registration.
  • The assignment process - When a suitable opportunity is identified, the provider will contact you to establish your availability and interest. They should send your through a brief for the role and the consultant should give you as much background to the role as possible. Reputable providers will not send your detail to clients without your consent.
  • Winning an assignment - If you are offered an assignment through a provider, depending on their contractual terms, they may ask for references prior to your placement and may require confirmation that you are operating through a limited company and have taken out professional indemnity insurance.
  • Contracts - All providers manage the contractual process in different ways. They may manage both client and candidate contracts, or require the interim and client to contract directly.
  • Payment - Once invoices are submitted, the provider or client will typically require supporting notification of the number of days worked in any given time period (typically every 2 weeks or month) before invoices will be paid. Timescales for payment vary across the industry.
  • Contract Management - Many providers will keep in regular contact with the interim and the client during the course of an assignment to ensure that communication is open between all parties and the assignment is progressing to the satisfaction of both parties.