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by Roderick McInnes


5 Steps For Turning Failure Around: Infographic

We thought we would share this infographic about failure. In the context of business or personal achievements, failure is not something many of us want to dwell on, but there are many lessons we can learn from both our own disappointments and mistakes, and those of others.

How To Turn Failure Into Success

The infographic below from Online MBA Today shares five ways to turn failure into success - or at least look at it in a different light:

  1. Investigate what went wrong. Don’t generalize or place blame. Just objectively find where it all went wrong.
  2. Learn from failure. Don’t fall into the trap of repeating history. Learn from your failure and vow never to make that mistake again.
  3. Realize you’ve nothing left to fear. Once you’ve failed, you’ll know that there is nothing left to be afraid of. You’ve hit bottom, so now all you can do is head upward.
  4. Recognize accountability. If you were the reason you failed, accept responsibility. But don’t beat yourself up about it — just move on.
  5. Find innovation. In failure, there is room for creativity. Sometimes trying new things leads to failure, but you are more apt to take risks because of it.

How do you cope with failure? If you are prepared to share where things have gone wrong for you and how you dealt with it, please share your experience at the bottom of this post.


We would be interested to hear from anyone with experience of managing failure and turning this into success. Leave a comment below or contact us if you would like to contribute a guest post on the subject.

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