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Published on November 19th, 2014 | by Nigel Peters


A False Dawn For The UK? A New Dawn For Alium Partners!

As we approach the end of the year - and the end of an era at Alium Partners – Managing Partner Nigel Peters shares his view on the future of the country and the company as both move into significant new chapters.

The Global Economy and UK Plc

It was interesting to read David Cameron’s view of the global economy recently. I have always held the view that this was a little bit of a false dawn based around our own election process next year – a micro bubble of growth. At some stage the spectre of debt and a public sector that is still too inefficient and costly will come to bear upon us. Let’s see  - but it will be the other side of the election now for the UK. On the opposite side of this scale, in Alium we continue to see a tremendous surge in market activity that has now sustained for over a year. So we must be out of recession, something I have never seen in my time in this industry.

Talking of time in the industry – all of this has been spent with my close business colleague Mike Hollin - it was with much sadness that I wished him farewell last Friday – see his last blog here. His departure was something that he and I had not planned, but the call back to Taunton was too strong after his seven years in the City with a bolthole in Canary Wharf.  I – and the whole team - will miss him a great deal.

For those of you who don’t know, we first worked together in the MOD some 15 years ago on a major meteorological satellite programme that had a funding challenge. Who would have thought we would have worked  together at Alium so many years later. He rang and asked me to join him while he was running the Public Sector practice and it was with great pleasure that we teamed up again.

We saw Alium through what was a tough period for every recruitment or professional services orientated company. But we actually managed to grow - an achievement few can copy. How did we do it? It was quite simple - we lived and breathed strong values and strong ethics, with a lot of hard work and a great team.

So we move on – and what of the future? Well for UK plc, the future seems bright, especially in comparison to our Eurozone friends. And for Alium? With our strong brand, reputation and values, as well as a buoyant market, we have a lot to look forward to. We have a refreshed and strengthened team here - one of which both Mike and I are very proud of having created. While looking back fondly on how far the business has come, I am also looking forward with renewed purpose and vigour to a new dawn for Alium Partners.

Lastly, in the spirit of friendship, I wish Mike every success during his retirement in the South West and he knows that there will always be a seat for him at Alium should he ever get bored with property development or farming….

How do you feel the market is performing? Do you have a message for Mike that we can pass on? Please leave your comments below.

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Nigel Peters

As well as his strategic role of Managing Partner, Nigel also has responsibility for the Private Sector practice. Heading up this division, Nigel and his team are responsible for the immediate provision of senior interims and transformation teams to lead business solutions across a wide span of the private sector from FTSE 250/100 to private equity and AIM listed businesses. His team provide director level and senior management roles across the traditional functional areas such as HR, finance, IT and procurement, as well as business leaders to deliver transformational change and integration expertise.

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