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Being an Interim Manager

by Scott Hutchinson


Recipe for CV Success

CV advice is ubiquitous across the web; most of it doesn’t add much to the usual format, regurgitating the same advice on what to include and where. I’ve certainly read plenty of CV tips in my career, and at this stage I don’t think there’s much you could teach me! However once in awhile it’s worth reviewing your CV and making sure that it’s still doing what it’s designed to do: get you that lead to a new opportunity.

Rod McInnes sent me this infographic from Giraffe CVs; he knows I love a food metaphor having worked in the sector for years. I replied that I thought it was the right side of good taste… Anyway, it does make some valid points, I particularly like “chop away irrelevant details”; your marital status, religious affiliation etc. is really nobody’s business but your own.

Attractive formatting is a big bugbear of mine. I still get CVs written in Comic Sans. Great if you are applying to be a children’s entertainer, not so great for a FTSE 100. Perhaps “professional” formatting is a better way to describe it. Have a look at this Recipe for CV Success, if anything it serves as a good reminder to review your CV throughout your career. What do you think?

[Source Giraffe CVs]

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About the Author

Heading up the FMCG Practice, Scott and his team are responsible for finding the very best leaders and transformational teams across all disciplines, including the provision of board-level executives and professionals in Operations, Technical, Supply Chain, Engineering, Commercial and Development/Innovation.

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