With a significant increase in demand for e-marketers in the ecommerce industry recently, Nigel Young assesses how this is affecting the retail sector and the requirement for specific  interim managers.

It is no coincidence that high street brands with a dedicated ecommerce platform are the ones that are experiencing the most growth recently. Even those late adopters, such as the Primark tie up with ASOS, are recognising the need for an effective e-commerce platform as crucial to business success.

Opportunities Abound

Although many commentators still talk of the “the death of the high street”, I believe it is simply an evolution. The physical shutdown of retailers does, of course, have negative implications for those who have lost their jobs and for the local community as a whole. But this also creates a massive opportunity for e-commerce. Utilising technology in this way to sell your goods in a different environment is simply common sense in 2013 – and could mean a reversal of fortunes for those businesses who do it correctly.

Mobile Working

In line with launching innovative e-commerce platforms, retailers must also ensure that they have a e-solutions that are mobile friendly. With increased mobile searching, having a website or portal that uses mobile responsive technology means that your brand will be presented in a consistently professional way, whatever the device used.

A Chance for Interims

From an interim perspective, this trend is positive, but only for those with the right mix of skills. Interim e-marketers with a strong knowledge of IT, are especially in demand but there is a further element that is now being increasingly asked for: customer insight.

Big Data, Big Deal

Having a comprehensive ecommerce platform and CRM system can be a real asset to any business – but using the data that comes out of them effectively is a different challenge for all marketers. Harnessing the information to gain real customer insight is a key way to understand your brand experience and help your business grow. And it is companies who are investing in this insight, and interims with these specific skills, who will gain most in the current environment. 

What do you think about the current increase in demand for ecommerce? Let us know in the comments. 

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