In this post, Sophie Mitchell writes about the increase in bid management demand recently. How is this a positive sign for interim bid professionals, as well as the economy as a whole?

Looking across the varied roles I deal with in the General Management practice, it has been interesting to see a marked increase in bid management demand recently. As well as being good news for our interim bid professionals, this is also a positive sign for the economy as a whole and stretches across a number of areas:

Benefits of the Increase in Bid Management Demand

1. Infrastructure and transport

As a way of supporting the economy, major infrastructure projects and programmes are being reactivated and bidding processes are therefore being re-energised. This is especially the case in sectors such as utilities and transport, where the government has a particular focus.

2. Support Service Bids

Despite some economic “green shoots”, there is still a trend for mass consolidation and rationalisation of services in businesses – especially in back office functions. This has resulted in increased activity for bid management interims in support services as the competitive environment provides a focus for their skills to win new business.

3. Looking Externally

The last few years have been very challenging, but companies that have survived have used this as an opportunity to internally restructure and adapt to market conditions. As a result, these firms are now able to look externally to growth and business development, but increasingly require interim management professionals to plug the skills gap that may have been created during the recession.

4. Health Conscious

Bid management opportunities are also on the increase in the health sector, where there has been a lot of activity of late. The public sector still has a massive emphasis on cutting costs and the ability to bid for and eventually outsource areas such as facilities management is proving increasingly popular.

5.Bids in the Middle East 

Further afield, countries across the Middle East are kick starting infrastructure projects in anticipation of a shift away from reliance on oil and energy revenues. Bid activity is frenetic in countries such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar as the services and education sector also takes off.

What are your thoughts on the recent increase in bid management demand? Let us know your perspective in the comments, we look forward to hearing from you.

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