In what is still a challenging economic environment, it is perhaps not surprising that companies are finding it difficult to convert their business development efforts. Although some organisations may employ a drastic change in direction to tackle this issue, while others will simply fire those who they deem to be the worst offenders, increasingly, businesses are turning to hiring an interim manager to help them back to growth.

Fresh Eyes

Bringing an experienced interim manager in to support your sales team can work on a number of levels, but the most important advantage is gaining a new approach. An interim manager can step back and take a fresh look at your business - crucial when going through a period of change. In this way, they can take a holistic look at your BD process, identify the weaknesses and provide solutions fast.


In this identification period, an interim manager will look at your entire BD and sales cycle to ensure a robust business model is in place. This is not only from a strategic point of view, but also from an operational perspective too. Looking closely at your conversion journey and how your team conduct themselves can reveal some fascinating insights – and also some of the weaknesses in your methodology. Key questions include:

-          Are your sales team doing the necessary groundwork to deliver?

-          Is the problem in the training your team are receiving?

-          What is the operational delivery method; are customers receiving a high quality service?

-          Is your marketing department as supportive and targeted as it could be?

These are tough questions that touch every area of the business, but answering them will allow you to identify any problems with your pipeline quickly.


By tackling these issues head on, interims are then able to then suggest ways to improve those crucial lead conversion rates to build the credibility and ability of the team and ultimately deliver a sales upturn.  Understanding your conversion rate and then finding an efficient way of measuring success is essential and can be the catalyst your business needs to succeed.

An interim manager has the ability to deliver tailored, high quality, fresh engagement with your team that can be shared and sustainable throughout your business. With their experience and expertise, they will bring a best practice approach, ensuring that your strategy is clear, your team are adhering to your values and your business development delivers.

photo credit: MyTudut via photopin cc

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