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Being an Interim Manager

by Anja Peebles-Brown


Legacy: What Happens After An Interim Assignment?

An increasing amount of organisations across the public and private sector are using interim managers to deliver change and transformation, but what happens after an interim leaves a company? Researcher Anja Peebles-Brown, explores how interims can leave a legacy.

It is always great to hear feedback, both from a client and an interim, that an assignment has gone well and all the objectives were met. From a client perspective, the project they needed implemented, or change that was required, has happened and they can get on with running an improved organisation. From a candidate perspective, they have met the brief and are ready to exit quietly and on to the next challenge. But what have they left behind?

Leaving A Legacy

Indeed, statistics from our latest candidate survey show that this is the primary reason that they do the job. But making a difference is not just a “then and there” exercise. It means that your work must stand the test of time – you need to leave a legacy. How do you do this?

Be an influencer

During assignment, it is essential the interim demonstrates a high level of influence to key stakeholders. In this way, any changes that are made as a result of the assignment are more likely to be sustained by the leadership after the interim has left.

Check and balance

Change is the most difficult thing to perform in an organisation. As such, it is important that any new initiatives brought in by an interim are able to be measured and checked to ensure they still fit with the overall aims and objectives of the business. Failure to do this will lead to the changes being disregarded soon after exit.

References and Recommendation

Many interims are now making it common practice to go back to their previous clients, not just for reference or recommendations, but to also make sure that all is continuing as planned in the organisation. The saying: “You are only as good as your last performance”, applies just as much to interim professionals, so it is wise to check!

What do you think the key ways an interim can leave a legacy in an organisation are? Share your experience with our community below.



About the Author

Anja has joined Alium Partners after graduating with a BA in Politics and Economics from the University of York. Throughout her education, she worked in a number of administrative and secretarial posts in the private and voluntary sectors. Working closely with the rest of the Research team, Anja is responsible for the careful development and management for the Alium Partners candidate database, acting as the primary point of contact for the interim population. As a researcher, she also works closely with the consultants on the delivery of their assignments.

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