With several years experience in interim management and the wider recruitment industry, Resource Manager Chris Lain discusses how regularly updating your professional profile – both online and offline - can deliver the competitive edge.

When I first joined Alium a few months ago, it was clear that this was a business that understood and embraced social media – even to the point where my own LinkedIn professional profile was assessed and optimised! However, not all interim providers – or indeed interims – are as fastidious.

Your Professional Profile - Social Media at the Fore

No one can deny the rise of social media over the past few years, but as an assignment seeking interim, there are factors that you must consider with an online presence, especially on LinkedIn. From inappropriate photos, to simply inadequate information, having a fully up to date LinkedIn profile can be the difference between receiving that next phone call and missing out on an opportunity. It is also worth being careful about what you share on your online profiles – keep it professional, rather than personal - this isn’t Facebook! Not a day goes by where online polls are not reporting how HR departments and professionals are increasingly relying on LinkedIn in order to assess potential staff, so it is important not to ignore this trend. However, although they and other recruiters are ‘relying’ on it and other social media, the CV still remains the core document.

CV Central

Of the hundreds of candidates I speak to each week, there are always a few who have not updated their CV fully or with the relevant information. Although it is tried and tested information, having specific CVs for specific roles is still an important differentiator in this challenging marketplace and is something I advise candidates to do when putting them forward for roles.

Get the Essence

Once the CV is right, my usual process, and those of my colleagues, is to assess over the phone to get a further idea of their character and invite them in for a face to face interview. It is only in this way that I am able to gain a better understanding of that crucial cultural fit for the organisation and their personality – nothing beats meeting!

Commitment Needed

So, keeping both your CV and social professional profile up to date is essential for interim success. And while LinkedIn does prove to be a useful tool, especially for those businesses involved in long term executive search, I don’t believe it will ever replace effective CRM.


How do you keep your professional profile up to date? Share your top tips with our interim community

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