In this blog post, Programme Director and author Brian Wernham, discusses the integral role that project management has in light of a recovering economy and how to implement such work effectively.

Being an active member of the Association for Project Management (APM) for some time now, I have seen the way in which the requirements and demand for project and programmes professionals is changing – and it is changing for the better as PMs take advantage of an upturn in demand.

Need for Change in Project Management

Although traditional the focus of project management such as IT and construction are still very relevant, emerging demand for change from sectors such as health and construction are now driving the industry as are smaller scale business change management projects. Applying the principles of change to project management effectively is a key way to deliver this kind of work and also acts as a crucial scale for those involved in interim management or transformation work.

Cautionary Catalyst

The reactivation of specific projects and programmes across both the private and public sectors outlined above is not only a positive thing for PPMs and interim professionals. It can also be seen as a catalyst towards the economic recovery – especially with the raft of upbeat economic indicators that have been produced recently. However, having been through three recessions so far in my career, despite the sightings of many ‘green shoots of recovery’ recently, it is essential that PPMs still continue to listen carefully to client demands. The opinions of all the stakeholders and teams are must be adhered if the project is going to be a success.

Make it Stick

Further to this, as any interim or transformation professional will tell you, it is not necessarily identifying the change that is needed that is the biggest problem – it is about implementing it in such a way that it is sustainable. To achieve this, any project or programme manager should always remember the following simple process:

-          Identify the challenge

-          Add value to the process

-          Transfer the knowledge

-          Embed the change

‘Managing Successful Programmes’ – What is it?

Finally, although some industry types and job adverts may talk of the need for PRINCE or SIGMA for a PPM role, as a project professional, I always look for a strong, proven background and an advance practitioner‘Managing Successful Programmes’ MSP certification is a key sign of a project manager who will ensure that the business drives a project, not the other way round. Whichever way you approach the demand for PPM in this economy, successful, sustainable delivery will always be paramount.

What are your opinions on successful project management? Do you think PPMs are at the heart of the economic recovery? Share your thoughts with our community below. To learn more about Brian, please visit


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