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Business Leadership

by Nigel Peters


UK business growth - the Alium Perspective

UK business growth is the “strong and stable” assurance we would all like to see at this time. How it happens as we enter this unprecedented period of uncertainty seems the big challenge. Or is it?

My prediction of a small but functioning majority for the Tories turned out to be off the mark as they provided a lacklustre and poorly strategised campaign. Seemed to me that amongst a number of poor judgements and mistakes, the Conservatives were soundly beaten by the youth vote and the disappointment from some of their core supporters around the ‘dementia tax’. Smacks of not knowing your customers, failing to respond to the market and lacking a clear proposition in the face of strong competition.

Where to find UK business growth

It has, in my opinion, left us lacking a clear vision or leadership. We are ill prepared for the traumatic divorce proceedings that lie ahead.

So what does that all mean for UK business growth? History shows in times of adversity, that focus, commitment and bold decisions can lead to innovation and growth. With the right people and direction I believe businesses can reclaim control over their success.

Placing experienced executives into companies so that they can make a positive difference, has always been Alium’s focus. Regardless of politics our goal is to create a positive business environment here in the UK, with our neighbours in Europe and across the World. We have to invest in our businesses and help them to adapt to the new world order and the uncertainty of the global stage. And that means using our great people to help. Turbulent waters indeed, but the economy has to come first as the spectre of debt burden still provides a significant worry.

Focus on UK economy and productivity

Carolyn Fairbairn (Director-General CBI) has not held back any punches. In her CBI press statement last week she focused on the needs of country stating “With a new Government, there has never been a more important time to refocus on the economy and plan with confidence and ambition. The next Government needs to deliver an open, competitive and fair post-Brexit economy that works for everyone across all our nations and regions.”

Going on to add points that are of value to all business leaders looking for UK business growth, “We need to move much faster to fix the foundations of the UK economy and our productivity problem. We need meaningful progress on a modern industrial strategy by the end of the year, with real change on the ground on skills, infrastructure and innovation.

It is clear there has never been a more important time to refocus on the economy and plan with confidence and ambition. Politicians of all parties need to act responsibly. I hope they do as the country is far more important than their individual goals and wish for power!

Interim’s bring experience and direction

In some respects we have to wait and see what happens next. In other respects it is a time to act boldly and confidently. There are strategic conversations and action that needs to happen in all organisations. The value of interim managers and directors has never been more relevant. Bringing a fresh perspective, industry experience and maybe, a challenging voice, the direction your business takes from having an interim on board could be pivotal in your future success.

I invite you to discuss how this could work with one of our function specific consultants today.

About the Author

Nigel Peters

As well as his strategic role of Managing Partner, Nigel also has responsibility for the Private Sector practice. Heading up this division, Nigel and his team are responsible for the immediate provision of senior interims and transformation teams to lead business solutions across a wide span of the private sector from FTSE 250/100 to private equity and AIM listed businesses. His team provide director level and senior management roles across the traditional functional areas such as HR, finance, IT and procurement, as well as business leaders to deliver transformational change and integration expertise.

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