Change Management Interims

We specialise in supplying interim change managers for a range of businesses, from private equity SME to internationally recognised FTSE companies. Since 2003, we have built up a large talent pool of change managers with  unique skill sets and demonstrable experience to ensure the successful delivery and completion of any change management project.

When to use a change management consultant?

Global markets are constantly evolving at pace - reacting to and keeping up with this demand means organisations must have the ability to adapt and change quickly. Interim change managers provide the expertise your business requires, without the need for permanent contracts or training of staff, which can often take time to secure and implement. Alium Partners are able to provide change management solutions through our network of professionals, with a range of specialisms such as:

  • Business infrastructure upgrades and technological innovations
  • Support though business acquisitions and mergers
  • Reducing business costs and overheads
  • Business strategy transformation and change
  • Improving departmental and organisational success through change management
  • Resolve corporate structure issues, implement organisational design and process management

What makes a good change manager?

Change managers require, by the nature of the role, a combination of industry knowledge, business analysis skills and consultancy experience, as well as the commercial acumen and awareness to implement change effectively. This hands-on, implementation approach is what separates change management interims from the advisory skills of management consultants. 

At an operational level, other skills come into play and we take the time to understand your business before matching you with an effective change manager. Our situational analysis of the change management brief allows us to identify an interim at the right level for your business. 

For example, your specific requirements may require a change manager with leadership skills such as communication, staff management and development and team building. 

Ensuring the successful completion of change within your business is our number one priority and we can only do this by ensuring your receive the right interim manager to give you the expertise you need.

What is the cost of hiring an interim manager?

Costs for interim management services will vary depending upon the seniority of the role and the complexity of the assignment. Interim management fees are usually charged on a daily rate basis and include our fees. All daily rate fees exclude usual business expenses and VAT – although these can be included if you wish.

Fast and efficient response

To identify the most suitable interim manager for your change management role, we ensure that:

  • All enquiries are handled in the strictest confidence
  • Your role is managed directly by one of our expert consultants
  • A detailed brief is taken from you to understand the objectives of the role
  • We select individuals from our pool of over 10,000 active interim executives
  • Interim Managers are all pre-screened before being shortlisted using the Alium Resourcing Model (ARM)
  • Our shortlist of interim managers can be with you in 24 hours

Call us to discuss your interim management requirements

If you have an immediate need for a Change Management professional, or would like to find out more about this flexible resource, please email Nigel Peters ... or call us on 0207 398 7520.

Our other services

Due to the demand for agile resourcing amongst many of our clients, we are now able to provide contract, fixed fee and permanent employees to fit with your needs.

About us

Established in 2003, Alium are a global interim management solutions provider based in London and Buenos Aires.

Our consultative approach means we take the time to understand both the needs of our clients and the expertise of our candidates to ensure the perfect fit for both. We possess an unrivalled mix of in-depth, hands on sector knowledge, combined with an exceptional functional understanding that enables us to deliver the right resources, every time.

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