Charity Interims

The charity sector is one that has faced increasing competition in recent years as the not-for-profit industry has diversified in size and offering. In this challenging and competitive environment, generating the right level of income is absolutely key – and having the talent to do this is even more essential. Whether it is looking at your business plans afresh or reviewing your donor and giving strategy, hiring a charity interim can be a fresh and innovative way to meet your organisational objectives.

Why would you consider creating an interim charity job role?

As charities constantly need new strategies in order to ensure revenue, creating an interim management charity job role, with specific commercial expertise, is a strong too to support your business. Whether it is organisational reform, revenue protection or overall transformation and change management effective advice and implementation from an interim management professional can help to ease the stress and pressure that can be felt.. Interim managers can provide new ideas and processes that may not have occurred to your team before and provide a fresh pair of eyes on your project. 

Our charity interims can also be useful if you are looking for a short term contract to help with projects management such as fundraising events or opening into a new market, product or service. An experienced charity interim can help you with the planning, educating and construction of your project or event pitch. 

They can also help if you are in the process of merging with another charity, whether your own two charities or with a third party. An interim manager can ensure the successful completion and aid you throughout the transitional period allowing you to focus on your charities goals. 

What is the cost of hiring an interim manager for my charity? 

We do not have a set price list for our interim managers. Prices will vary depending on the role and responsibility that you require, as well as the seniority. We charge for our interim managers on a daily rate of which the price already includes our fees. Our daily rates exclude any business expenses and VAT so this may need to be taken into consideration when planning your budget. 

Fast and efficient response

In order to make sure we find the right interim manager for your charity we make certain that: 

  • The role you’re looking for is managed directly by one of our consultants who will be dedicated to you
  • An in depth brief is required from you so that all aspects are understood and we can meet your requirements for the role
  • Our Interim Managers are pre-screened using our Alium Resourcing Model (ARM). After this they are shortlisted for you and can be sent to you within 24 hours

Our other services

With over 10 year experience, Alium Partners understand that, in order to push forward in your organisation and achieve your objectives, you may need our help beyond our interim offering. As such, we’ve recognised this demand and are now proud to offer contract, fixed fee and permanent employees for new and existing customers in order to cater for future requirements. 

Call us to discuss your requirements for your charity interim management job

If you have any questions or queries regarding your requirements, our requirements or anything at all involving our services, please email or call us on 0207 398 7520.

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Established in 2003, Alium are a global interim management solutions provider based in London and Buenos Aires.

Our consultative approach means we take the time to understand both the needs of our clients and the expertise of our candidates to ensure the perfect fit for both. We possess an unrivalled mix of in-depth, hands on sector knowledge, combined with an exceptional functional understanding that enables us to deliver the right resources, every time.

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