Restoring Confidence in a Crisis


Isn’t that really your most important role as a leader in these troubled times? Right now is when your teams need you to step up to the mark and show them the way forward. But what do you do when nobody can predict what will happen next, and it’s impossible to be sure what to do for the best?

Our approach is designed to make an immediate difference to what you do – it is not about long-term development (although it will have permanent impact) - it is about taking control NOW.

This workshop will introduce you to practical methods which help you:

• Create clarity and confidence when all there seems to be is uncertainty and bad news
• Avoid sending out bad messages through non-verbal communication
• Break the downward spirals caused by fear and uncertainty, turning stress into positive enegy

We will work on:

• Finding new ways to look at your biggest challenges
• Building resilience so that you (and your team) can be at your best when it counts most
• Doing things differently, whilst still being true to your core beliefs and past experience

Your insights and learning will come from examining leadership from various perspectives:

• How aware are you of your personal reactions to crisis? How well are you managing them?
• What are you currently communicating to others, eg your teams?
• How can you reduce the impact of negative emotions on your thinking and your actions?
• What does neuroscience tell us about how to manage our brain’s response to crisis?

The workshop leaders all have personal experience of leading teams through recession, downsizing, re-structuring and other crises. We represent different perspectives on people leadership. But what we have in common is that we have all thrived in stressful situations! Not because we are fearless, but because we understand that courage is NOT the absence of fear. And courage is all you need.

Mike Barkham was a partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers for 14 years and has over 25 years business consulting experience, with a focus on mergers, acquisitions and major re-structuring projects - often crisis situations for his clients. He also spent many years as a leader of PwC business teams, several times having to turnaround and transform underperforming teams “in crisis”.

Nichola Jacob is an executive and team coach with over 20 years experience in the people development business, working in a number of different organisational contexts and cultures; she brings these different perspectives with her as well as her own experiences of managing and leading teams in a downturn and transitional business environment.

Stephanie de Sarandy is a business consultant and an executive coach of 15 yrs standing with expertise in helping clients have more effective conversations to build more aligned relationships. She is a visiting tutor at Cranfield University where she recently designed a new open programme on 'Courageous Conversations'.

Please email [email protected] to confirm your attendance.

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