Interim COO & Group Development Team

Sector: Financial Services

Location: Buenos Aires — Montevideo

The situation: 

A leading broker dealer wanted to grow the company significantly by expanding to new products and in to other markets and required a team of experts to achieve this.

The team deliverables included: 

  • Establish an HR unit and build an HR platform encompassing an HR head, formal organisation chart, job descriptions and performance appraisals
  • Renew company IT infrastructure, services and functions and migrate to hosted services
  • Refresh Operations function
  • Review Accounting team
  • Hire new Auditor
  • Establish Customer Support Unit
  • Manage the transition into the new “working” way incorporating people- process-systems-structures 
  • Build local asset management company from start up and funding to launch and installation of team to continue the operation
  • Improve internal communication

The solution:
Alium Partners Latam provided a highly experienced senior team with international experience in the banking sector, and a strong background in turnaround processes and launching of new products / units. They operated as a core member of the executive team, contributing to organisational strategy and design, through to operational, hands-on management and key strategic matters. The team operated with the leading shareholders in the day-to-day management of the company. Having secured their initial targets and hired new professionals in different parts of the company — including a COO, Head of Asset Management, Commercial Manager and some other mid level positions — the team stepped aside, but continued to support the major shareholders on other strategic matters.

About us

Established in 2003, Alium are a global interim management solutions provider based in London and Buenos Aires.

Our consultative approach means we take the time to understand both the needs of our clients and the expertise of our candidates to ensure the perfect fit for both. We possess an unrivalled mix of in-depth, hands on sector knowledge, combined with an exceptional functional understanding that enables us to deliver the right resources, every time.

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