Project Description

Case Study

Independent Asset, Business and Process Review Company


We are currently working exclusively with an independent asset, business and process review company, who has a strong reputation in due diligence, third party supplier oversight and regulatory compliance services throughout the UK and Europe. Creating a new offering within service delivery quality assurance, the challenge here was, how to take this product to market, within well known financial service corporates, whilst still being a relatively new business themselves.


Using Alium’s listen, understand, solve, deliver approach, the team spent much time discussing with the client their needs and questioning to really understand what the business goals were in order to deliver a solution. Alium Partners then drafted the brief which was in turn signed off by the client, ensuring the two parties continued to work collaboratively and that expectations were clearly managed.  Alium Partners went out to the market, reaching both active and passive candidates, providing clear market insight to the client throughout the search.


After conducting a large scale search, we identified two candidates who we felt would be a great solution to our clients objective, however, one was much more strategic and could benefit our client with their strategy planning whilst having the connections, experience and tenacity to take this product to market, the other had the more operational hands on approach that we felt was needed as project delivery, also offering his services across other areas of the business.  

The end result was both were offered positions with the business in April 2017 and are currently continuing their ongoing support to the company almost 12 months later.

The business has had huge success taking the product to market, within timescale, providing additional support to their current and newly formed clients.  Alium Partners have continued providing support to this client and have 3 months ago hired in additional Operational Support to the Operations Director whose remit has grown significantly, due to the success of the business.