Business Transformation

As markets are disrupted and changed by new applicants, technology and policy, the depth and quality of experience that is required to change and manage a business transformation, is absolutely critical to your success.

Senior Management

Finding the right interim to lead and engage proficiently with an existing team during a time of transition can be challenging. Tried and tested, Alium Partners have the considerable advantage of years of recruitment experience, adept at identifying the suitable candidate for you.

Business Development

Whether it is an interim sales director who will look at your business plan and refresh your sales strategy, or a business development specialist who will assess your approach to market, an interim executive can get your business growing again, and growing well.


The challenge of managing national and global workforces needs to be managed by experienced HR professionals at the top of their career; Alium Partners have a near unrivalled network of skilled HR professionals with a wealth of diverse and valuable experience.


Technology is changing the way firms do business. Providers of IT services can no longer afford to focus only on pure technology and internal organisation, they now have to consider the quality of the services they provide and the relationship with the client. At Alium Partners we have invested in flexible technological solutions, giving us and our clients a market edge.

Sales & Marketing

Sales and marketing requires intelligence, ambition and a deeper understanding to be more efficient and productive. Alium Partners believe that companies with better sales and marketing capabilities grow faster and achieve greater results. Our experienced team and industry knowledge have enabled us to source talent that has built global brands and organisations, capable of managing everything from sales and marketing departments to outbound lead generation and fund administration services.

Project & Programme Management

Complex systems, programmes and projects require talent that fully understands the flow of your organisation, adept at having an instant impact; our partners are sourced because of their experience in a wide range of business-to-business platforms devoted to providing expert marketing consulting and project management solutions to a diverse range of businesses, organisations and associations. At Alium Partners we take pride in getting to know the intricate details of your business needs in order to streamline the search for the right fit for your firm.


At Alium Partners, our financial services professionals have a broad range of management skills to help your firm drive its corporate mission and enrich company growth. Our team have the intellect, experience and entrepreneurialism to provide an invaluable support both in the long and short-term.