Interim Management

Interim managers to transform and lead

Highly skilled interim managers can benefit businesses of all shapes and sizes. Interim management is invaluable for driving transformation, and for effective delivery of projects. It is also integral for filling senior positions in the short-term, when experienced interim managers keep things ticking seamlessly until permanent resource returns. Our end-to-end interim management service is fast, thorough and complete. We want to make the process as simple as possible for you, while delivering top-end professionals to help realise your business goals.

Permanent Recruitment

Senior-level professionals, at pace

We know the challenge of finding senior-level staff with a round-peg, round-hole fit. We also know that you don’t want to wait months for the right person to come along. Our permanent searches about getting to the heart of your company values, and presenting you with professionals who embody the culture and values of your business. We will also always keep your desired turnaround time top of mind. As always, our process is flexible and collaborative, combining comprehensive understanding with targeted search.


Business turnaround and growth, delivered

Alium Partners combine consultancy with delivery of talent. In bringing these two services together, we take the best from each world. Our team has hands-on experience as business transformation leaders. We also have links to a global network of industry experts, ready to share with our clients. All of these factors allow us to find top-tier, specialised candidates, while working alongside you, in partnership.

Building Teams

Teams to power your business transformation

Is your business facing a challenge on a grand scale? Perhaps there is a portfolio of projects to manage, or new department to set up. Figuring out how to resource these events can be daunting, but it needn’t be. Alium Partners has the technology and knowledge to build a team from the top down. We have built teams across a range of sectors, including FMCG, telecoms and manufacturing. Whether you need interim or permanent staff, we bring together inspiring, results-driven professionals to power your business’ success.

International Resourcing

Global staffing with nothing lost in translation

If you need a Managing Director for a new overseas office, we can find you one. If you are looking for a global transformation expert, we are fully equipped and ready to assist. Our close ties with the Globalise network give us access an international talent pool. As ever, we start with in-depth discussion of your requirements, and then enlist the help of our global partners to your best advantage. Throughout the process, you will have a dedicated member of the Alium Partners team to ensure nothing is lost in translation.

Managed Service

Support for the whole business

We can help find people for your whole business. If your organisation requires a number of contractors or project staff, we can manage the process for you. As your managed service partner, we will do everything from initial resourcing to payroll. Our leading tech and candidate management processes are fast and effective, tailored to meet your individual needs.