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by Lucrecia Fratini


Why CSR Is An International Part Of Business Today

In addition to the CSR work by the Alium UK team with organisations such as Operation Smile and UpRising, the Alium Latin American team are delighted to share news of their new CSR initiative in their local area with Programa Empujar (The Push Programme) and the good work they do. Managing Partner Lucrecia Fratini tells of this latest partnership

CSR Partnership For Alium LatAm

Having grown as a business over the last 5 years and built our brand and reputation in Argentina and the wider region, Alium Partners Latin America are delighted to have been asked to be a supporter of youth programme Empujar (Push).

The program supports children in their last year of secondary school, through additional training and coaching. It runs for seven months during the year and works with students for 3 hours every afternoon in order to help them to acquire the tools needed to find their first job. This is taken on as part of their school day and lesson planning. Their vision is to build a broad network of companies working together to create a better future for the local community, something Alium LatAm is proud to be part of. Their mission is to enhance job opportunities and training for the young people through personal and social development with a desire to progress. They also have a specified set of goals including:

  • Improving the community around us
  • Enhance the role of business as a social agent and not just economic
  • Promoting cooperation between neighbouring businesses
  • Providing a sustainable and inclusive environment for the development of corporate social responsibility of SMEs
  • Fostering collaborative and participatory engagement
  • Supporting upward mobility in our country
  • Facilitating proximity between the origin and destination of the funds for social purposes
  • Generate exponential results
  • Strengthen the bonds of companies with their own members and the community to which they belong

The programme combines on the job training modules with technical skills to give “real life” experience for the participants. This includes training classes and personal development in areas such as values, self –awareness and career counselling. The programme also provides practical advice around CV presentation, interview techniques and job searching skills. The more technical side of the programme covers areas such as logistics, health and safety, administration, sales and customer services to give real insight into the modern workplace..

Alium Latam support for the programme includes:

1) We contribute with the equivalent to USD $1,700 per year - needed to fund  one “student”

2) We will participate in three workshops where the LatAm team lead the workshops with the students giving them workplace insight

3) As a next step, we will help introduce this Program to our clients by asking them to participate in the job offer process where appropriate, when the students finish their secondary school education.

We are looking forward to taking part in our first workshop soon and collaborating with over 60 other local, national and international companies that are working with the programme.

What do you think is the value of running a local CSR programme? What is your experience of them? Share more with our community below.

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About the Author

With support from the UK team, Lucrecia, along with her colleague Fabiana, is responsible for the development and delivery of the Latin American business, attracting new clients and candidates and pursuing new business opportunities across the region.

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