How an interim manager adds value

As well as providing immediate access to experienced senior management resources, Alium's interim managers repeatedly deliver added value through successful projects, performance improvements or increased market capitalisation.

The financial benefits of an interim manager are often gauged solely in terms of the recruitment process: there is no search fee, a simple daily rate, no addition to the fixed payroll and no termination costs.

But whilst these benefits are undoubtedly attractive in themselves, they overlook the significant impact on results that an experienced and successful senior interim executive can bring to any major project, whether this be investments in organisations, people or physical assets.

Research shows that, again and again, interim managers successfully improve business performance, generating many millions of pounds in profit or enormous cost savings, generating a return on investment that far outweighs their fee.

Continuing to add value after departure

The impact of interim managers continues to be felt long after they leave. Our interim executives are not only required to provide a smooth handover at the end of their tenure, but they also seek to embed the changes they have effected in the organisation, through developing in-house managers, instilling new ways of working and advising on succession planning.

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