The business benefits of using Interim Managers

Interim managers give organisations the management and industry experience they need in key roles, at the time they need it.

When you employ an interim manager from Alium, you are not just filling a resource gap, you are gaining the business insight and professional expertise that comes from people who have already worked at the top of leading organisations.

Our interim managers are all vastly experienced in their functional roles and sectors. Moreover, our interim managers have a proven ability to adapt to their roles at pace. Within a few weeks they:

  • Are clear about their objectives
  • Have their teams on-side
  • Have taken full accountability for their work
  • Are delivering results.

Short-term contract, long-term impact

Whether their assignment has been 3 months or as much as a year, at the end of their tenure they leave in a straightforward way: without the need to pay any severance.

Yet even in this short period, they leave behind a valuable legacy: not only the results of their work on your company's performance, structure or culture, but also in the capability and engagement of the people and teams they have coached and mentored.

Interim managers from Alium:

  • Deliver instant experience
  • Bring industry or role-specific expertise
  • Work at pace and in a hands-on style
  • Take control immediately - so make an impact immediately
  • Are fully accountable to the board
  • Have no political baggage.

Read our case studies to see examples of these benefits in action

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Throughout Alium handled the assignment in a highly professional, efficient, and sensitive manner. The client brief was comprehensive and accurate; the role match was good; the contract negotiations w..."
Interim Head of Inward Investment, Business Growth & Trade Development Agency
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