Interim Programme Manager


The senior management team of this Social Services division had put together an action plan to improve performance in the department and contribute to raising the corporate assessment. The plan was endorsed by the Chief Executive and members: it just needed someone to manage its delivery.

Alium identified an experienced public sector interim programme manager, whose first task – on our recommendation – was to shape the Performance Action Plan and to give clear milestones with measurable outcomes. There was an identified need for corporate capacity within the local authority and the ability to improve working relationships with partner agencies in the statutory and voluntary sector.

The interim management professional worked with partner agencies and Council functions and services to ensure the plan had a clearer definition of priorities and targets. This approach not only secured their buy-in to the overall goals but also helped define responsibilities. By the end of the assignment, the quality of reporting activity in line with the CPA requirements had improved and the impact of the Performance Action Plan was beginning to be felt.

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