Leadership Transition


Our client was a major international fmcg who wanted to support their valued and successful UK Marketing Director’s request to move into a general management role.

He was appointed CEO of the poorly performing Polish operation which had a ‘revolving door’ for CEOs – 3 in the previous 4 years! We assessed and coached the executive in the UK before he took up his appointment and worked with him in role in Poland. We discussed the actions taken by successful CEOs and also the common traps which had ‘de-railed’ failed CEOs and how the pitfalls could be avoided. The career transition was successful. After 2 years the individual had turned the business round and had achieved the required business targets.

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It was impressive how quickly Alium was able to find me a well-qualified interim manager who rapidly took control of the project. She immediately gained the respect and support of her colleagues and ..."
HR DirectorSpie Matthew Hall
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