Management Audit


The UK sibsidiary of a global, US-based company aiming to grow the business five-fold in five years.

This company had grown rapidly in three years. Executive management roles had been created to achieve this growth, and also to manage the all-important ‘back office' accountable for business processing.

However, concerns were raised about the potential and capability of the team to reach the five-year target.
Alium conducted an audit of over 50 senior managers to identify competencies, and to benchmark them against the marketplace.

We prepared summary reports, engaged with and fed back to each person, and conducted detailed reviews with members of the Board. As a result, new appointments were made to ensure the continued success of the business and realisation of its growth objectives, whilst development plans were established for all individuals participating in the process.

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Alium were very much there in the background, checking up on how it was going, providing support when necessary and often just being there to listen when things were particularly challenging. They cl..."
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