Market Message May/June 2016 – Nigel Peters

There are interesting times ahead. How much are you letting Brexit and the wider economic situation affect the success of your business or are you being flexible and adaptive? Whatever the impact of the vote, it seems we will still have a UK summer of wet weather that is largely unpredictable…just like business. Meanwhile, the other market news is that Microsoft has bought LinkedIn for a cash deal of $26Bn – wow. With its active users taken into account that is still over $250 per user. How can it be worth that? Has LinkedIn reached its nadir? I do wonder as it turns increasingly into a larger recruitment telephone directory that will continue to be encumbered with more social media distractions and updates.

At Alium, our database is built around our own CRM system; yes we can use LinkedIn and other social media but most of our work is built up by knowledge, interviews and relationships with our clients and candidates that creates a trusted and highly flexible workforce. Or do you want someone where two keywords match and you don’t know them……..I think Microsoft may have bought an expensive capability that has reached its commercial premium - but well done to them for a product that has gone to $26Bn in 14 years. 

Turning back to “Brexit”, as in many businesses, it has been a hot topic of debate here in Alium with varying opinion. You can read my blog “Brexit: Project Fear vs Project Fact” below to find out my thoughts, and my board colleagues Amanda Johnston (The EU referendum: A damaging distraction) and Howard Dormer (The EU referendum: vote out to stay in) have also posted articles giving their opinions – so do let us know your thoughts – especially now we have a “decision”.

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Nigel Peters, Managing Partner

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